on-line chat platform

for your customers on your web sites

A integrated way to communicate with your customers

STALK helps your internet business to communicate with customers on your website.

Simple And Useful Operator's view

Operators can talk with your various site customers on one page. offers operators customer's important information. Like OS, Browser, IP Address, Location, Refferer site and so on.

Simple And Modern Visitor's view

Visitor's chat widget makes harmony with the origin site.

This widget show up on the right-hand side of the origin site.

Support Responsive UI

Operator can chat on mobile devices

And we also, have developed iOS, Android in app Chat libraries. We are going to share libraries on GitHub

Notable Features suggests a several notable features you.

WORKS ANYWHERE works across web, iOS, & Android apps.


It's quick & easy to install and customize chat widget. Copy and paste just some lines of code at the bottom of your body tag. Then, chat with customers immediately in your browser.

Stable and Fast

STALK service is using the distributed systems with XPUSH servers. XPUSH is a reliable realtime communication channel server for quickly, easily adding scalable functionality to web and mobile apps.


If you are node.js programmer, you can manage it yourself.


We can customize for your service on demand. And you can do!

TRY WITHOUT COSTS team is offering sandbox for your test. But sandbox servers can not temporarily operate. If you want to apply this platform to your real service, install this platform on your machines.

Want To Try Us?

You can try STALK platform freely on our sandbox servers.

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